Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Avoid These 4 Creative Gaffes in Emails

Placement or use of images is all wrong.  Alternate text and images—do not create a single image but a series of images. Test and use alt text tags so the design is engaging even when images are off.

Multiple columns are used. On the Web, one long column looks boring—which is why most pages have multiple columns and fields. However, in email, especially on a mobile device, one column is the design-of-choice.

Video is embedded in an email. Plenty of marketers are using video in email just because they can. However, even when it is warranted, most aren't presenting it in a way that it can be consumed, no matter which device an end user is viewing it on.

Social sharing is lumped together with email housekeeping notices. Social shares links are being added to the bottom of emails alongside unsubscribe links and CAN-SPAM compliance information, where they get lost.


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