Thursday, January 9, 2014

Color of the Year

PANTONE recently released their color for 2014.  I'm always fascinated as to what color will be the color of the year. Last year was emerald green, the year before; tangerine tango-great indie band name by the way. Other creative names for the past were mimosa (yellow hue) and  Honeysuckle (dark pinkish hue).

Any guesses as to what this year's color is? Drum roll... Radiant Orchid. A brighter more vibrant orchid than what you would normally think when the color orchid pops in your mind.

 What's interesting about the release from PANTONE from my standpoint is they always couple the release of a new color with branded merchandise that corresponds to it's new color of the year. Which I think is always a brilliant move. Any campaign coupled with product is always successful and build brand loyalty. Also I love the Iphone case that they've made out to look like a chip from their PANTONE chip book.

It also helps in giving guidance to clients looking for fresh color pallets to use for their upcoming promotions and campaign launches. Recently a client asked for some ideas to freshen up their black non-woven grocery bag. So with the new color from PANTONE we were able to create for them a fresher more upscale recycled grocery tote that won't get forgotten in the trunk.
Laminated Recycled Tote

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